Ex i- appliances and industrial designs

Indicators for panel mounting

4 -20mA indicator for panel mounting in a rugged enclosure IP66.

Indicator for wall mounting

4 -20mA indicator for wall mounting. Loop powered.

IP66 protection

4 -20mA setpoint generator

Setpoint adjuster for panel mountig. For example, Encoder for a speed controller or positioning of a valve.

Serial text display BA 484 D

Ideal for simple machines and process control applications in hazardous areas, as well as the normal range.

Quantities and flow indicator BA 454 D and BA 456 C

Eays to use flow meter for liquids, solids or part count.

Counter, timer, tachometer and clock

Atex and FM certified displays. They can be used as a counter, timer, tachometer or watches.

Intrinsically safe sounders BR 385

49 different tones three-stage alarms up to 103dB (A). IP66 housing.


Intrinsically safe LEDs indicator BA 386

In different color like red, yellow, green, blue or white. IP 65 housing.

Ex i combined detectors for intrisically safe circuits

Warning system for abnormal or dangerous situations. Simultaneous audible and visual warning.

LED signal lamp bundle

Bright inexpensive installation signal lamp with a lifespan of more than 10 years. Instrisically safe certified according to ATEX and FM.

Ex i Signallamp

Bi-color LED Ex i signal light in different colors, depending on the application.
Application: Zone 1