Signal and monitoring units

Miniature beacon

The minibeacon is a small, high intensity strobe light to the establishment or installation.

Xenon beacon

This signal lamps are designed for use in hazardous and harsh environmental conditions.

Ex combination. Sounder and beacon

Warning device (audible and visual) for abnormal or dangerous situations.

Sounder Ex d/ Ex de weatherproof type DB3 and DB3P

Sounder glass fiber reinforced plastic for use in hazardous areas.

LED - lights environ -mental friendly and energy saving

Maintenance-free and vibration resistant. 

As an alternative to conventional signal lamps or traffic lights.

RF-motion detector or terrorist guardian in hazardous areas

Invisible installation behind nonconducting walls (glass, wood, plastic, masonry). As a result, vandalism and sabotage secured.

RF motion detector with terminal box for zone 1,2,21 and 22

RF - Motion or terrorist guards in Ex-area for switching fluorescent lamps.

RF -radar- presence detector 12/24VDC for zone 1,2,21 and 22

Special design for alarm systems RF radar presence detector or terrorist guards in hazardous areas for switching alarm circuits.